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Immediate Life Support

Immediate Life Support

Level 4 Award in Immediate Life support RQF - fife first aid training kirkcaldy michael braid

The QA Level Award in Immediate Life Support (RQF) is the perfect course for those who have a responsibility at work or in the community to provide immediate emergency care to patients.  Ideal for Event Medical Providers, Registered Healthcare Professionals or Emergency Ambulance Personnel.  

This informative 1 day course covers the development of skills relating to immediate life support, covering airway management, patient assessment, management of major illness/injury, post-incident procedures, managing the Return of Spontaneous Circulation (RoSC), patient handovers following the support, and so much more.

This Qualification forms part of the QA Prehospital Care Training, learning outcomes are based on the recommendations of the Resuscitation Council (UK) and the UK Ambulance Service Clinical Practice Guidelines

Early intervention provided by Emergency Care Providers have been shown to have a positive impact on patient outcomes.


  • Be able to safely use and maintain emergency care equipment
  • Be able to implement methods and procedures to assess and manage an incident
  • Be able to diagnose, assess and manage patients with life threatening and non-life threatening illness and injury
  • Be able to implement methods and procedures to manage a patient’s airway
  • Be able to carry out immediate life support
  • Understand resuscitation decision making processes and procedures
  • Know how to manage a patient with suspected major illness

Qualification Information

Level 4 Immediate Life support RQF Fife First aid training events kirkcaldy service scotland uk

Course Cost:  £TBC

Contact Hours:  7 (Guided Learning Hours)

Maximum Course Spaces:  6

Certificate:  1 Year

Minimum Age:  18