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Safeguarding and Protecting of Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults

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Safeguarding and Protecting

This course is aimed at safeguarding and protecting children and young adults from abuse and/or neglect
We need to learn how to identify vulnerable individuals and how we can adopt and take action with the necessary steps to prevent and/or stop abuse and neglect.
All young people have the right to feel safe, and live without the fear of abuse, neglect, or exploitation.  This course teaches attendees how to ‘recognise‘ the signs of abuse and neglect.

The course is designed for any level of Attendee.  Providing them with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in a vulnerable person’s life.  It will aid the Practitioner reporting the abuse/neglect about how they can safeguard themselves, whilst seeking help and advice in report any incident they have been witness to.


• Safeguarding legislation and guidance
• Indicators of abuse or neglect
• Making judgements
• Communicating worries and concerns

• Roles and responsibilities
• Sharing information
• Allegations and complaints
• Reporting allegations and complaints

Qualification Information

England, Wales & NI


Course Cost:  £75

Contact Hours:  7

Maximum Course Spaces:  12

Certificate:  No Expiration

Minimum Age:  18 Years