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Scottish Mental Health Training Fife Medical Group

Mental Health Training Workshops with Fife Medical Group

Sometimes people are not sure what mental health is and feel a bit afraid of it. Think about physical health, that doesn’t have the same negative impact does it?

Our physical health can be good or bad and can vary from day to day. When our physical health is good, we can live life to the full.

At other times we can be unwell, and this can last weeks or months. Or we might ‘feel off’ for a couple of days then we are back to normal.

Sometimes our physical health  is poor because we have not taken good care of ourselves or because we were born with a tendency to certain illnesses. When we are unwell, we are likely to have less energy and motivation and find taking part in work or play mode difficult.

Mental Health Training Courses with Fife Medical Group. Professional Training courses across the UK and Scotland

All of these characteristics are true of mental health. The main difference between physical and mental health is that our emotions, our ability to work and our relationships are the main factors to be influenced by our mental health.

When our mental health is positive, we can cope with life’s ups and downs. Our mood is stable, and we feel optimistic. When we are mentally unwell, we may experience mental or emotional pain. Our mood may be low and this can in turn aid our loss of confidence and our ability to cope with life’s challenges.

Of course, the other big difference is that you can’t ‘catch’ a mental health problem from someone else, it isn’t like catching the flu. Physical and mental health have an effect on each other. If your physical health is poor, then your mental health is likely to be low. If your mental health is poor, then you are more likely to get physically ill.

The good news is you can make a massive difference and be aware of your own mental health.

Scottish Mental Health Training: For Adults

An interesting course that includes different activities, films, discusses, and even some fun and laughter. You will gain a Certificate of Attendance, and a colourful and interesting manual to take away with you at the end of the course, so that you can remind yourself of what you have learnt.


  • How to apply the 5 steps of SMHFA
  • How to respond if you believe someone is at risk of suicide
  • How to give immediate help until professional help is available
  • What to ‘say’ and ‘do’ in a crisis
  • The importance of listening skills
  • Practice learning and responding to those in need of support
  • Understanding the recovery from mental health problems
  • Understand the connection between mental health problems and alcohol and/or drugs
  • Understanding the connection between mental health problems and discrimination
  • Basic information about common mental health problems
  • Self help information

Qualification Information

Scottish Mental Health Training for Adults - Fife Medical Group

Course Cost:  £TBC

Contact Hours:  12 Hours

Understand common mental health problems
Guidance on being a Mental Health First Aider

Scottish Mental Health Training: For Young People

This course is designed for Adults who offer support to young people (aged 11-17 years old) to provide you with a broader knowledge  regarding mental health problems, with the course helping understand the fear of approaching a young person in need of mental support.

It helps the course attendees understand and recognise common mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, self-harming, substance abuse, suicidal feelings and eating disorders.

Scottish First Aid Mental Health for Young People - Fife First Aid Training - Michael Braid CEO - Kirkcaldy - Scotland


  • Guidance on being a Mental Health First Aider
  • Mental health problems that affect young people
  • The impact of alcohol and drugs on a young person’s mental well being
  • Introduction to suicide intervention
  • Listening skills
  • Understanding cyber-bullying
  • Understanding depression
  • Understanding anxiety and psychosis
  • How to offer first aid during a psychotic episode
  • Understanding eating disorders

Qualification Information

mental health training with fife medical group

Course Cost:  £TBC

Contact Hours:  14 Hours