Scottish Mental Health

Mental Health First Aid

An interesting course that includes different activities, films, discusses, and even some fun and laughter.  You will gain a Certificate of Attendance, and a colourful and interesting manual to take away with you at the end of the course, so that you can remind yourself of what you have learnt.


  • How to apply the 5 steps of SMHFA
  • How to respond if you believe someone is at risk of suicide
  • How to give immediate help until professional help is available
  • What to ‘say’ and ‘do’ in a crisis
  • The importance of listening skills
  • Practice learning and responding to those in need of support

  • Understanding the recovery from mental health problems
  • Understand the connection between mental health problems and alcohol and/or drugs
  • Understanding the connection between mental health problems and discrimination
  • Basic information about common mental health problems
  • Self help information

Qualification Information

Gold Medal - Adults Course (1)

Course Cost:  £TBC

Contact Hours:  12 Hours

Scottish Mental Health Training: For Young People

This course is designed for Adults who offer support to young people (aged 11-17 years old) to provide you with a broader knowledge  regarding mental health problems, with the course helping understand the fear of approaching a young person in need of mental support.

It helps the course attendees understand and recognise common mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, self-harming, substance abuse, suicidal feelings and eating disorders.

Scottish First Aid Mental Health for Young People - Fife First Aid Training - Michael Braid CEO - Kirkcaldy - Scotland


  • Guidance on being a Mental Health First Aider
  • Mental health problems that affect young people
  • The impact of alcohol and drugs on a young person’s mental well being
  • Introduction to suicide invervention
  • Listening skills

  • Understanding cyber-bullying
  • Understanding depression
  • Understanding anxiety and psychosis
  • How to offer first aid during a psychotic episode
  • Understanding eating disorders

Qualification Information

Gold Medal - Young People

Course Cost:  £TBC

Contact Hours:  14 Hours